Accepted Paper "Stress Management 2.0 – A Holistic Approach to Self-management Online"

Hélène Sandmark and I have recently got a conference paper accepted at the International Multi-Conference on Complexity, Informatics and Cybernetics, within the conference theme Bio-Medical Informatics. The conference is to be held 6-9 April, in Orlando, Florida, USA. We are going to participate virtually.

The paper is entitled “Stress Management 2.0 – A Holistic Approach to Self-management Online”.


The last years have put stress management on the agenda of healthcare. Intense lifestyles with job and domestic demands let people experience high levels of stress and to react strongly to different stressors. Long-term sickness and absence from work can be a consequence of too high stress exposure during a long period of time. This negative trend can be counteracted if we allow a combination of actions to support people who experience stressful lives. Different online programs are available for people with stress symptoms. However, there is a lack of conceptual understanding and a holistic approach to learning online for this group of people. In this article, we present a holistic and integrated approach to ‘stress management 2.0’ that considers several areas: stress management, self-management, informatics and continuous learning through communication and feedback. The approach is based on findings from previous research studies of web based solutions for learning new lifestyles, stress management and results from clinical trials. At the end of the article, we present some design principles to be used for developing systems in accordance with ‘stress management 2.0’ from a holistic view.

Self-management, Stress management, Web based, Learning, Communication, Holistic

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