Seminar on “IT Management Research in DSV: Quo Vadis?”

On November 2, 2010 I have made a presentation in the seminar with senior researchers’ from our department (DSV) concerning “IT Management Research in DSV: Quo Vadis?”. My presentation has approached the main concepts in IT Management and the importance of research in this area, the trends in IT Management and research performed by IT Management group till now in IT Management area. Finally I have presented the results of IT Management research from 2007 (the year when the IT Management group has started his activity) till now and the research plan for the next year. In case you are interested in my presentation please have a look on the attached file: IT Management Research in DSV – 2010-11-02.pdf

About Lazar Rusu

I am professor at Department of Computer and Systems Sciences from Stockholm University where I am teaching and doing research in the area of IT Management and Governance.
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