Project EnRiMa – site visits in Bilbao and Oviedo

As a part of the EnRiMa FP7 project Naghmeh Aghaee and I, together with project partners from Great Britain and Austria, visited test-sites in Bilbao and Oviedo. The buildings at the test sites will be used for collecting data about energy consumption and energy transfers. In turn, this data will later be the foundation for creating a service-oriented decision support system. Currently the energy consumption and overall state of the software system can be remotely monitored and controlled. Besides the software being used, it was interesting to see how different, from a Swedish perspective, the heating of the buildings where done. In Spain it is quite common to use gas for heating, and the use of geothermal ground heat pumps is not common. During the spring we will start making a draft of the software architecture for the upcoming decision support system. For more information on the EnRiMa project, go to

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Martin Henkel work as assistant professor at the department of computer and systems sciences, Stockholm University.
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