Automated question and e-mail answering

People sitting in front of their computers expect quick
solutions. People browsing a website expect quick answers to their questions.

Today there exist two main application areas for automated
question answering – open domain corpus-based question answering systems which
aim primarily at fact extraction from the web, and small scale closed domain question
answering systems used on individual websites. While the large scale systems draw most of the researchers’ attention, the small scale systems are readily available. The research at DSV has resulted
in real-life question-answering applications such as Web4Health
(English, Swedish, German) and “ask
” at Trygg-Hansa (Swedish).

Automated e-mail answering is still a vaguely explored area,
perhaps because people do not imagine that a large number of e-mails to a
customer service repeatedly request the same information and actions. The
research at DSV has lead to a possibly first real life e-mail answering service,
available from a customer
service page
but difficult to demonstrate.

More questions? Please feel free to contact Eriks Sneiders
who will be happy to assist you.

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