Papers published in area of IT Management together with the master students in Engineering and Management of Information Systems

Today IT Management it’s a very important and relevant area for most of the organizations that have understood the importance of using IT as a strategic resource in order to improve their business performance. In this perspective the research done together with the master students in Engineering and Management of Information Systems on different topics in the area of IT Management was due to the publication in 2006 of two research papers to conferences held in UK, Italy. The topics of the research papers and a short abstract about them including the name of students who have contributed are below mentioned.

Rusu Lazar, Lin Quan, Luo Wencong, “Business Benefits of VoIP Adoption in a Global Organization”, The Second European Conference on Management of Technology, Aston Business School, Birmingham, UK, Proceedings, pp. 608-615, 2006


During the last decades, information and communication technology (ICT) has grown rapidly and by its usage within the business organizations has contributed to the development of new technologies, services and tools. One of these new technologies is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or Internet telephony that is already adopted in some global companies and it is showing positive results in terms of cost savings. In spite of these positive results there are also some barriers to acceptance of VoIP within the organizations like are for example the political factors and unfamiliarity with new technology, reliability, cost of infrastructure upgrades and a lack of adequate cost savings. Therefore the research done in the paper is directed to the analysis of the business benefits due to VoIP adoption within a global organization named “Bank A”. In the case study analyzed here we have suggested three business scenarios in which we have calculated the return of investments in case of using different VoIP software applications and we have highlight some other potential business benefits due to adoption of VoIP within the organization studied together with the needs of integrating voice and data network that could be a future base for establishing of a business strategy for VoIP adoption in other companies.

Rusu Lazar, El Mekawy Mohamed Sobih Aly, “Managing Cultural Profiles towards Sustainable Development in Cross-National Information Systems Cooperation”, Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems (MCIS’06), University of Trento, Italy, Proceedings, pp. 249-259, 2006


Culture of a society consists of different aspects to be considered as vital factors affecting the performance of an organization. The purpose of the current paper is formulated as contribution towards understanding of cultural diversity and its effects on the global arena, in helping IT managers to manage cross-national IS projects. In summary, the main objectives of this research paper are mainly formulated to look at; a) examining the differences between developed and developing countries like Sweden and Egypt in regard of IS projects management and also the effects of cultural versus national variables upon Chief Information Officer (CIO) responsibilities, upon the IT architecture and IT strategies of an organization that is acting globally. In this perspective the authors have done a comparative analysis, which was carried out between two branches of a multinational corporation in different developed and developing countries. The results of this analysis has provided a broad assessment and evaluation of both cultural and national variables in a multinational company and their effects on managing the IT resources in a cross-national environment including a model for sustainable development with its relation to cultural versus national variables, and internal versus external factors in an organization as a guideline in cross-national information systems cooperation within a multicultural environment.

About Lazar Rusu

I am professor at Department of Computer and Systems Sciences from Stockholm University where I am teaching and doing research in the area of IT Management and Governance.
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