Master thesis to a conference paper

It does not happen often that a master thesis becomes a conference paper, but it does happen. Marjan Khatir, an EMIS student, has got her paper “How to Find Exculpatory and Inculpatory Evidence Using a Circular Digital Forensics Process Model” accepted at the 4th International Conference on Global E-Security. Congratulations, Marjan!

With raising the number of cyber crimes, the need of having a proper digital forensic process also increases. Although digital forensics is practiced in recent years, there is still a big gap between previously suggested digital forensics processes and what is really needed to be done in real cases. Some problems with current processes are lack of flexible transition between phases, not having a clear method or a complete scenario for addressing reliable evidence, and not paying enough attention to management aspects and team roles. This paper provides a process model by paying special attention to the team roles and management aspects as well as both exculpatory and inculpatory evidence.

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