New Book on Information Systems Engineering – Dedicated to Benkt Wangler

Eva Söderström at University of Skövde and I are editors of a new book, Information Systems Engineering: From Data Analysis to Process Networks, published by IGI Global. The book presents the most current research on existing and emergent trends on conceptual modeling and information systems engineering, bridging the gap between research and practice by providing a much-needed reference point on the design of software systems that evolve seamlessly to adapt to rapidly changing business and organizational practices. The chapters in the book, written by acknowledged experts in the field, cover all of the issues introduced above ranging from analysis of data models over methods for participative modeling to the design of process and value networks. The book is dedicated to Benkt Wangler, at his retirement from University of Skövde, who has been a portal figure of the information systems area in Sweden for decades.


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I am a professor at the department of Computer and Systems Sciences at Stockholm University. My research area is information systems. My homepage
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