The BPM 08 conference in Milano

Today I returned from a conference trip to the Business Process Management (BPM) conference, which was held 1-4 of September 2008 in Milan, Italy.

On the 1st of Sept. I gave a presentation on the workshop Business Process Management and Social Software, held in conjunction with the conference. I presented the paper “Business Process Management with Social Software Systems – a New Paradigm for Work Organisation” coauthored by Paul Johannesson and Birger Andersson and myself.

The slides from the presentation can be downloaded here

Outstanding summaries for many of the presentations can be found on Sandy Kemsley’s blog. (Only presentations which went in parallel are missing there.) I am glad Sandy joined my presentation and the feedback I got on it through her blog post. Thanks Sandy!

Personally, I very much enjoyed the tutorial by Wil van der Aalst on Process Mining. During this tutorial, Wil gave an excellent overview of the existing approaches for mining process models from log files. He went trough:
– the Alpha algorithm;
– Multi phase miner;
– Genetic mining; and
– Region-based approaches (both state-based regions and language based regions).
Furthermore, Wil spoke about discovery in the data and the organisational perspectives. He concluded the tutorial with a demonstration of ProM, which is an open-source process mining toolkit supporting a variety of process mining techniques with more than 230 plugins.

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