Seminar on Service Oriented Business Models for Enterprise Systems

An attempt to explain the research approach for the Vinnova project “Service Oriented Business Models for Enterprise Systems”.

On September 30 a seminar was held by me and Håkan Enquist from Gothenburg University to discuss the research being done to identify and evaluate service oriented business models for enterprise systems. Limited studies have been conducted in the past, but now, due to the importance of the SOA phenomenon, the need for such studies has become apparent.

The particpants showed a great interest in the topic and it was a good exercise for us to present and explain what we are up to. The participants were also asked to criticize the research approach and the sometimes lively discussion led to valuable input for the project. The presented approach was challenged by a suggestion to ignore previous research on business models in favour of a more grounded approach. However, these methodological preferences were not shared by all participants and it was also suggested to build on the previous work on value modeling performed by Bergholtz, Johannesson et al. Maybe these models could be evaluated as part of the ongoing research.

All in all, me and Håkan feel that the research approach stood the test so far but that we got some valuable feedback on how to proceed and to problematize on the subject.

Thank you all for participating.

Powerpoint slides:
Seminarium 30 september.ppt

About Gustaf

Gustaf Juell-Skielse received a M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering in 1989 and a Licentiate of Technology in Computer and Systems Sciences in 2006. He holds a position as lecturer and researcher at Stockholm University. He has published work on enterprise resource planning, e-Government and higher education in enterprise systems. His research is concentrated on the effective use of enterprise systems and services. He has been a member of several national projects on enterprise systems and e-government. In parallel with pursuing a research career Gustaf has established the bachelor programme in Enterprise Systems at KTH as well as the new bachelor programme in Enterprise Systems and Service Design at Stockholm University. He has also compiled a text book on enterprise resource planning and service oriented architecture at Pearson. Gustaf is a member of the program committee for the Mobile Life Conferences and the Workshop on Enterprise Systems in Higher Education. He is also a member of of the Advisory Council of Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance.
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