John Mettraux’ Visit at DSV

Last week John Mettraux from Macnica, Yokohama, visited us at DSV. John is the man behind one of the leading open source workflow managemetn systems, called OpenWFE. OpenWFE was also one of the first open source projects in the area. The system was initially developed in Java and registered at SourceForge in 2002. In 2006 it was rewritten in Ruby and is since this distributed through RubyForge under the name OpenWFEru.

I came in contact with John when I was working on an evaluation of open source WFMSs. OpenWFE was among the analysed systems and John provided helpful feedback on our work.

At DSV, John gave a presentation on OpenWFEru (also called Ruote). The slides from the presentation are available here. The vidio from the presentation is available here.

A link to John’s personal blog, Processi, can be found here.

Thanks, John, for visiting us and for giving an excellent presentation!

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