William Song visits SYSLAB

Today William Song from the University of Durham gave a seminar on the Semantic Grid.

Many potential applications (still research topics at moment) across the web are investigated and studied. Among others, Web Services and the semantic Grid are two major research subjects which have attracted a lot of research efforts. A key problem with Web Services is how to automate the discovery and composition of web services so that it is effective and precise to find a flexible match between the service requesters’ requirements and the service providers’ description of their services. A key problem with the Semantic Grid is how to generate a virtual organization that is able to coordinate, share, collaborate, and flexible yet securely access to various resources, be they software or hardware, that reside on (geographically) different physical organizations. This presentation aims to share with you our recent investigation in these two aspects.

Virtual Organizations and Web Services

Semantics Service Composition Using Conceptual Graphs

William’s home page

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