The 1st IFIP WG8.1 Working Conference on the Practice of Enterprise Modeling (PoEM) took place in Kista, November 12-13

Link to PoEM 2008 website.
The conference was jointly organized by the University of Skövde, the University of Jönköping and SYSLAB. The goal of PoEM 2008 was to establish a dedicated forum where the use of EM in practice is addressed by bringing together researchers, users and practitioners. The goals of the conference were to develop a better understanding of the practice of EM, to contribute to improved EM practice as well as to share knowledge and experiences. The conference program consisted of 17 paper presentations addressing original and significant topics of Enterprise Modeling ranging from reports of innovative case studies to laying grounds to novel solutions in terms of methods and tools. The program faatured a keynote entitled “Information, architecture and other costly concepts” by Björn Nilsson, one of Sweden’s most experienced EM practitioners.
The highly interactive program of PoEM 2008 which included joint brainstorming sessions on the emerging topics of Enterprise Modeling attracted 47 participants both from academia and industry. The delegates came from many European contries as well as Canada and India.

Closing discussion, Programme Co-chair Prof. Anne Persson in front

PoEM 2008 proceedings are available on line. You can find information about it at or access the online version at

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