Understanding Services through Value Modelling

At the VMBO workshop, February 9 – 10 2009 in Stockholm, I gave a presentation on the use of value modeling for representing and understanding services.

Service-oriented architectures are the upcoming business standard for realizing
enterprise information systems, thus creating a need for analysis and design
methods that are truly service-oriented. Most research on this topic so far takes
a software engineering perspective. For a proper alignment between business
and IT, a service perspective at the business level is needed as well. In this
paper, a unified view of services is introduced by means of a service ontology,
service classification and service layer architecture.

Aspects of a REA Ontology Based Business Service Concept in Value Models
authored by
Hans Weigand, Paul Johannesson, Birger Andersson, Maria Bergholtz


Presentation slides

About Paul Johannesson

I am a professor at the department of Computer and Systems Sciences at Stockholm University. My research area is information systems. My homepage
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