DSV research group joins Human Language Technology Center

The Human Language Technology Group here at DSV has now officially joined the mid-Sweden Human Language Technology Center.

The objective of the center is to facilitate collaboration in order to promote excellence in research and increase the competitiveness and visibility of the participating research groups, building on their unique combination of competence in both text and speech technology.

Research on human language technology is concerned with systems that process human language, in written or spoken form. This includes fundamental research on modeling human language processing as well as research targeted at practical applications, such as machine translation and spoken dialogue systems. The Human Language Technology Center (HLTC) brings together leading research groups on both text and speech based at Uppsala University, Stockholm University and KTH.

About Martin Duneld

I am a lecturer/researcher working at the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences at Stockholm University. My main interests lie in information extraction and retrieval, and in particular automatic text summarization, but I've been known to dabble in a variety of language technology related tool development. Currently my main work lies within the health domain. I particularly enjoy teaching, as well as studying, anything even remotely related to computational linguistics and language technology. I also teach database and web oriented programming.
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