Value Modeling in Healthcare

Erik Perjons and I have written an article on value modeling in healthcare, which was published in Healthcare IT Management, which is the official journal of the European Association of Healthcare IT Managers. The journal has a wide audience and is distributed in about 30,000 copies.

Politicians, health care managers, and systems designers need new instruments for managing the complexity of today’s health care systems. One of the most promising instruments is a recent enterprise modelling technique called value models. A value model is a graphical representation of a network of cooperating actors that together create value through resource exchanges and transformations. Value models have their origin in commercial contexts, where they have been used for analysing the economic viability of networks and their participants. Value models can be extended to cater for the special requirements of health care networks, thereby facilitating the design of new forms of collaboration in healthcare as well as innovative health care services.

Read the paper (pp. 21 – 23)

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