Seminar September 18, 2009: Overview and reflections on research in health care in relation to health informatics, by professor Gunnar Nilsson

Overview and reflections on research in health care in relation to health informatics

by professor Gunnar Nilsson

Seminar in room 6405, floor 6, DSV.
at 10-11 on Friday, September 18, 2009:

Overview and reflections on research in health care in relation to health informatics:
The health care system and its desperate need of increasing its use of health information technology.
· The potential for IT will change the face of the health care system.
· Gathering and organising data for public health responsiveness for genomic research applied to clinical medicine and health care.
· The desired outcomes should be: improved public health, better care as perceived by consumers, and affordable costs.

Relevant research areas in medical informatics:
· Patient-centred longitudinal health care database – implicit in every vision expressed in health informatics.
· Clinical classification and terminologies including
· Structured and unstructured information, clinical text mining.
· Electronic patient record systems in clinical practice and solutions for decision support systems (CDSS).
· Reuse of data to support evidence-based clinical practise.
· Health information technology to support management and education in health care.
· Personal health records, i.e. one patientone record
· Translational bioinformatics – translational issues in genomics and bioinformatics.
· Evaluation, with focus on methodologies and results of scientific evaluations of EPR, PHR, CDSS and bioinformatics applications.

Overview of medical informatics research in different areas – ongoing research or future projects.

Professor Gunnar Nilsson, Karolinska Institute is also guest professor at SYSLAB, DSV/KTH and Stockholm University
Gunnars slides in PDF-format

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