Lunch seminar on Design Science

Today I had the chance to share with colleagues at SYSLAB my experience of the ERCIS Design Science summer school, which I attended at the end of August (ercis-phd-summer-school-design). I covered key points from literature intending to provide a broader scope of Design Science than what is covered by Hevner et. al. 2004 (the most well known paper on Design Science research). Furthemore, I briefly covered all main aspects of the area as tackled during the summer school. These could be summarized into a set of questions and open issues:

• What is and what is not design science research?
• What are the philosophical assumptions of design science?
• What is an artifact in design science?
• What is the/a design science research process?
• What is a design science theory?

• Open issues: the relation of a kernel theory and design science theory, epistemology in design theory, utility, how to codify design theory, etc.

Here is the presentation
(literature references used, coming from the ERCIS Design Science summer school, are listed in the slides).

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