ISHIMR 2009: 14th International Symposium for Health Information Management Research, Kalmar 14 – 16 October

Sumithra Velupillai, Hercules Dalianis and Martin Hassel attended ISHIMR 2009: The 14th International Symposium for Health Information Management Research in Kalmar, Sweden, September 14-16.

At ISHIMR 2009 Sumithra presented the paper The Stockholm EPR Corpus – Characteristics and Some Initial Findings, co-written with Hercules and Martin. In this paper, The Stockholm EPR Corpus is described and compared to a general language corpus in Swedish (PAROLE), as well as a description and discussion of four initiated experiments applied on the Stockholm EPR Corpus: hypothesis generation, detection of uncertain and certain expressions, automatic diagnose code suggestion and automatic synonym (or rather “associonym”) generation. The work is part of the KEA-project. The paper can be found here:

Sumithra was awarded the best paper award after a successful presentation!

The conference gathered people from ten different countries, and many valuable contacts were established.

Some photos:

Martin and Sumithra in discussion at opening reception:

Spellbound audience during guided poster session:

Hercules at conference dinner at the Kalmar castle:

Sumithra presenting the paper:

Sumithra with the conference organizers Peter Bath and Göran Petersson, receiving award for best paper:

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