EU-project proposal

On November 3 we submitted a proposal entitled “Strategic Choices and Operational Processes for Personalised Manufacturing” for objective FoF.NMP.2010-2 “Supply chain approaches for small series industrial production”. Participants of the consortium are Möbius (Belgium), Stockholm University (Sweden), Lancaster University (UK), Barco (Belgium), and McBride (France).

Personalised Manufacturing is one of the European answers to the competition on the global market where Europe cannot compete on the lowest price, and looks for another differentiator. This new
paradigm based on innovative manufacturing and IT echnologies, enables the creation of personalised products in small quantities without incurring long lead-times or high costs.

The project aims at creating a widely applicable and integrated framework for making and implementing the best strategic choices and corresponding operational processes for European companies moving to a Personalised Manufacturing strategy.

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