About me

I recently joined SYSLAB as a research engineer, working in the area of conceptual modeling. Currently I am involved in a project to create an implementation for SBVR (Semantic Business Vocabulary and Rules), where we are creating a simple and easy to use implementation of that complicated and powerful modeling language.

I’m also a teacher assistant for some courses, such as “requirements engineering” and “system integration.”

Before joining SYSLAB, I was an EMIS master student at DSV. My master thesis was titled “design and implementation of a service registry for sensor actuator networks,” and I did it at Ericsson. The service registry which I created was semantically enabled and could answer queries in an informed manner.

I got my B.Sc. in Informatics from Damascus Univeristy in 2005, majoring in “information systems and software engineering.” I also have 2 years work experience in information systems analysis, design, and implementation, as well as Web development and system/network administration.

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