Docent Lecture – Trends and Challenges in Strategic Management of IT

On November 23, 2009 I have done a presentation regarding “Trends and Challenges in Strategic Management of IT” for my docent lecture. The abstract of my presentation including the slides and a picture from my docent lecture are included below.

Today in many organizations information technology (IT) is playing a strategic role and has become more important than it was before for the business strategy. In this context is extremely important the way how the IT leaders can improve the IT performance in their organizations by managing IT for strategic purposes.

The lecture will cover some of the concepts, trends and challenges in Strategic Management of IT with examples from the research topics of Strategic Alignment and IT Leadership. In fact the Strategic Alignment between business and IT strategies continues to be a top management concern and organizations who are achieving a greater strategic alignment will enhance the effects of IT on business performance. On the other hand the importance of IT leaders in shaping and enabling business strategy has increased so is very important to analyse how they are running IT and if they are adding value to their organizations.

Therefore the examples discussed in this lecture will focus on the research performed in the topics described before including some challenges in these research topics that will be needed to be further explored.

The slides of my presentation:
Trends and Challenges in Strategic Management of IT.pdf

A picture from my docent lecture:

About Lazar Rusu

I am professor at Department of Computer and Systems Sciences from Stockholm University where I am teaching and doing research in the area of IT Management and Governance.
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