The YAWL prototype for Järfälla’s Emergency Phone E-service is now completed

A new milestone in the ÖST project is reached. The prototyping of the emergency phone service in YAWL is now completed.

The work with the prototype was mainly carried out during October-November and David Truffet’s visit at DSV.

The prototype is developed in YAWL. It demonstrates how a workflow/business process management system can be used as a back-end system for implementing web-services. The film here shows the execution of a case in the system, i.e. how a citizen submits an application for emergency phone service to a municipality in Sweden and how the application is handled by the local government. The recording is in Swedish. A translation to English will be offered soon.

The prototype will be released for testing in the beginning of January 2010.

The process analysis for the e-service was carried out at Järfälla municipality during spring with help of Gustaf Juell-Skielse.

Thank you David for your work with the prototype. Thank you Gustaf for your cooperation since the beginning of the project.

Marry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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