Research trip in the U.S., November 2009

In November, I was on a research trip in the U.S., where I participated in three conferences (the AAAI Fall Symposium Virtual Healthcare Interaction (VHI) (together with Hercules Dalianis), November 5-7, Arlington, Virginia, the Third i2b2 Shared Task and Workshop, November 13, San Francisco, and American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) Annual Symposium, November 14-18, San Francisco). I also visited three departments at different universities, where I gave a seminar describing the work and research I am involved in here at DSV. During these research visits I also met researchers working in the field of Health Informatics. The departments I visited were the following: Department of Medical Informatics & Clinical Epidemiology, Oregon Health & Science University, Portland (09 November), School of Health Information Science, University of Victoria, Kanada (12 November) and Institute for Health Informatics, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis (19 November).

Notes and comments from the AAAI VHI symposium have been posted by Hercules Dalianis here.

I have also written some notes (in Swedish) from the rest of my trip. They can be found here.

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