Göran Goldkuhl guest professor

Göran Goldkuhl is guest professor since 1 Jan 2010. From Görans’s profile:

I am guest professor (10%) in information systems since Jan 1 2010. This is actually a comeback to both DSV and SYSLAB. I was employed at DSV 1973-1982. I got my PhD 1980 on information models. Since I left DSV 1982 I have been assistant professor at Göteborg university (1982-86), associate professor at Linköping university (1986-1996), professor at Jönköping International Business School (1996-2008) and professor at Linköping university (1999-). I am the research director of research group VITS since 1991. You can read more about my research career from early days at Stockholm university (ISAC group) via SYSLAB & research group HUMOR (in Göteborg to research group VITS (in Linköping and other universities) at http://www.vits.org/?pageId=10&pubId=600.

About Paul Johannesson

I am a professor at the department of Computer and Systems Sciences at Stockholm University. My research area is information systems. My homepage
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