Report from the HEXAnord network meeting in Vilnius

The 13th of January, the IT for Health group at DSV went for a three day HEXAnord network meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania. Apart from Hercules Dalianis, Martin Hassel, Sumithra Velupillai, Elin Carlsson, Helen Allvin and me from DSV, there were participants with a background in medical informatics, language technology and nursing science from Finland, Norway, Denmark, Estonia and Lithuania. The meeting consisted of seminars on SNOMED CT and on Machine Learning and Clinical Text and of an excursion to the nearby castle Trakai. Most importantly, the work of comparing Swedish and Finnish health records was initialized.

The organizers of the meeting were Hercules, who was in charge of agenda, and Helen, who took care of everything else in a fantastic way. The participants seemed to be very pleased with the very well-organized
meeting, and it was decided to meet again in Åre this spring and in the Stockholm Archipelago in the autumn.

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