The YAWL book

The YAWL book, i.e. the book Modern Business Process Automation: YAWL and its Support Environment
is now published.

The book is the result from a cooperation in which several universities have been involved (seven universities and one center). The leadership has been shared by Prof. Arthur ter Hofstede (QUT) and Wil van der Aalst (TUE), who together with Dr. Michael Adams and Dr. Nick Russell are editors of the book.

Prof. Paul Johannesson and Birger Andersson and myself contributed with chapter 16 of the book. Together with Dr.Chun Ouyang (QUT) and Prof. Marlon Dumas (UT), I was also involved in the work of chapter 15. (We did some of this work during Chun’s visit at DSV)

The book was written as a teaching book and includes a large number of exercises. As a teaching means we also developed extensive presentation-material. The book is highly relevant for our BPM courses and I am considering it as a candidate for course book for the BPDI (Business Process Design and Intelligence) course next year.

I received a copy of the book from my colleagues at QUT. The photo is from my visit at QUT in February 2010.

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