Accepted paper "Multiple Help Online: An Integrated E-Health System for Stress Management"

Hélène Sandmark at the School of Health and Medical Sciences, Örebro University, and I have got a conference paper accepted at IADIS e-Health 2010. The conference is to be held in Freiburg, Germany, in late July. The paper is entitled “Multiple Help Online: An Integrated E-Health System for Stress Management”. Please see the paper abstract below.

working life of today, people experience high levels of stress and often react
strongly to different stressors. If one is exposed to high stress levels for a
long time, this may eventually lead to sickness and absence from work. Web
based systems are available today for people who suffer from stress. However,
these web based systems need to be further explored in order to meet different
‘on demand needs’ of people in stress. In order to offer people in stress a
broad palette of help and support, different forms of online help from both
health experts, peers and published material and exercise programs need to be
well integrated in the web based system. A system that offers multiple help online
can also let the users experience complemented advice and ideas regarding their
stress concerns. The web based stress management system proposed in this paper
outlines a combination of online interactions between health experts and people
in stress, community conversations among peers and published information and
exercises. The paper also introduces a set of design principles to be used to
guide the development of integrated online help for stress management.

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