BPM for E-services

This week we submitted a paper titled “Business Process Management for Open E-services in Local Government” to the BPM track in the Australian Conference on Information Systems. The paper describes the prototype which we developed for the Open Social Services (ÖST) project. More generally it discusses the use of business process technology for the development of e-services. A preprint of the paper can be found here.

The work was carried out in cooperation with Dr. David Truffet from Australia and Gustaf Juell-Skielse (DSV). I met David during my visit at QUT last summer, which coincided with his own visit there. Similarly to me, David believes in the YAWL open-source initiative carried out by the BPM group at QUT and invests (among other through the establishment of a consulting company for YAWL) on spreading out the research results and YAWL to industry and official sector.

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