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A research paper written together with Alexandru Smeu (a former student to which I have been the supervisor on his diploma thesis at Faculty of Business from Babes-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca, Romania) has been published in the Information Systems Management journal, Volume 27, Issue 3, June 2010, pages 238-246. I am very happy about this result because Information Systems Management journal is a very good one among the journals in Computer Science/Information Systems area and is ranked by Thomson Reuters, having the impact factor 1.242.

The published paper is named “Managing the Reliable Design of an Enterprise IT Network Infrastructure “. The focus in this paper is on the practical modalities of designing a reliable IT network infrastructure in an enterprise. In this direction an algorithm has been developed that is a hybrid between classic greedy and simulated annealing that search for the most reliable IT network infrastructure meeting the imposed budget cost constraints and the enterprise managers’ decisions constraints. A key point of the proposed solution is the way in which the enterprise managers are involved in the estimation of the relative importance of their interconnections between their business’s data centers. Furthermore, the algorithm presented in this article has been evaluated in the case of a retail enterprise for addressing the business’s demands for a higher reliability of their IT network infrastructure.

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I am professor at Department of Computer and Systems Sciences from Stockholm University where I am teaching and doing research in the area of IT Management and Governance.
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