Kick-off for the EnRiMa project!

The EnRiMa project held its kick-off meeting in Brussel, 21-23 October.
The project will perform research and development to improve the energy efficiency of public buildings. The concrete contribution of the project will be to develop a decision-support system (DSS) for operators of energy-efficient buildings and spaces of public use. By providing integrated management of conflicting goals such as cost minimisation, meeting energy efficiency, and emission-reduction requirements as well as risk management, the DSS will enable operators to improve building energy efficiency.
The European research group includes specialists in optimization, decision support and software architecture. SysLab members Janis Stirna and Martin Henkel will work in the project, DSV is also represented by Peter Majlender and Rudolfo Candia.

The project is funded within the European 7th framework program.

About MartinH

Martin Henkel work as assistant professor at the department of computer and systems sciences, Stockholm University.
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