29th ER Conference 2010 in Vancouver

The premier conceptual modeling conference. Birger Andersson and I participated in the 29th International Conference on Conceptual Modeling, Vancouver, BC, Canada, November 1 – 4, 2010. The ER conference series is a forum for presenting and discussing current research and applications in which the major emphasis is on conceptual modeling. Topics of interest span the entire spectrum of conceptual modeling including research and practice in areas such as theories of concepts and ontologies underlying conceptual modeling, methods and tools for developing and communicating conceptual models, and techniques for transforming conceptual models into effective implementations.

The conference included some useful keynotes, one of them discussing how modeling has moved from representing systems and software specifications to describing the enterprise and its services.

I participated in a doctoral consortium together with Colette Rolland and Antoni Olive, see also photos below.

About Paul Johannesson

I am a professor at the department of Computer and Systems Sciences at Stockholm University. My research area is information systems. My homepage
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