The fourth HEXAnord meeting, Trondheim January 10-12, 2011

The fourth HEXAnord meeting took place in Trondheim in January 10-12, 2011, with participants from Lithuania, Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. The three-day meeting included lectures and discussions on annotation, machine learning, medical terminology, natural language processing and other topics related to analysis of clinical text. The HEXAnord group also made a study visit to St. Olavs hospital, visiting two different clinics, Cardiology and Intensive Care Unit as well as the usability lab at The Norwegian EHR Research Centre, NSEP, (Norsk senter for elektroniskpasientjournal). New groups were also formed, aiming at continuing last year’s collaborative research across research groups in different countries.
There was also time for social activities, and the bravest Swedes joined the semi-professional cross-country skiers from Finland and Norway. After dawn, we were all served coffee in the traditional Norwegian way, that is outside, under the stars.

(Participants from DSV were Helen Allvin, Hercules Dalianis, Martin Hassel, Aron Henriksson, Maria Skeppstedt and Sumithra Velupillai.)


Hercules opening the meeting


HEXAnord PhD course

St. Olavs hospital

Norwegian coffee

Usability lab

Usability lab

Two of the brave


Nordic skiing collaboration

All participants, except Hercules, who is behind the camera

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