Open Seminar with Professor Jerry Luftman on March 21, 2011

At the invitation of IT Management group within SYSLAB Professor Jerry Luftman has given on March 21, 2011 in Forum – Aulan an open seminar.  A short description of the seminar topic and information about our distinguish guest speaker including his presentation you could find below.

Topic:  IT-Business Strategic Alignment Maturity

The beginning of the 21st Century is marked by the continued penetration of Information Technology (IT) into all facets of the organization. Businesses, regardless of their size, cannot function without IT enabling/driving every activity, from traditional systems such as e-mail, accounting, payroll, and inventory management, to strategic applications that interact with customers and partners. In spite of recognizing the above, for over 30 years, aligning IT and business organizations have remained a pervasive and persistent problem. Professor Luftman has created an assessment of the maturity of this important relationship; in fact he has conducted assessments from over one-third of the global 1,000 companies. The purpose of this seminar will be to introduce attendees to the model and present some of the important benchmarking insights that have resulted from Professor Luftman’s research.


Professor Jerry Luftman is a Distinguished Professor at Stevens Institute of Technology New-York, USA, Wesley J. Howe School of Management. He is the founder and Executive Director of the Howe School’s Graduate Information Systems Programs. Professor Jerry Luftman’s career includes strategic positions in management (Information Technology and consulting), management consulting, Information Systems, and education. Dr. Luftman’s experience combines the strengths of practitioner, consultant, and academic. His proficiency in business-IT alignment, books, published research, consulting and teaching/speaking engagements further exemplify Dr. Luftman’s expertise and leadership in his field. After a notable twenty-two year career with IBM, he is currently a Distinguished Professor at Stevens Institute of Technology School of Management.

The pdf file of Professor Jerry Luftman’s presentation you could find here Luftman SAM MATURITY Stockholm

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I am professor at Department of Computer and Systems Sciences from Stockholm University where I am teaching and doing research in the area of IT Management and Governance.
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