Paper accepted in EMMSAD 2011 Conference

A paper titled “Analyzing the Integration between Requirements and Models in Model Driven Development” has been accepted for the EMMSAD 2011 Conference (, which is held in conjunction with CAiSE 2011 in London, UK.

Authors: Iyad Zikra, Janis Stirna, Jelena Zdravkovic

Abstract: In Model Driven Development (MDD), models replace software code as the development artifact. At the same time, requirements represent the information that is elaborated in models. However, despite the tight relationship between models and requirements, only a few MDD approaches provide the necessary methodological guidelines and tool support to explicitly facilitate this relationship. In this paper, we analyze existing approaches for integrating requirements with models within MDD. Based on the analysis, we elicit a set of general properties that need to be fulfilled when considering the integration of requirements and models, and we assess the contribution of the considered approaches accordingly.

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