Mobile Life seminar

This coming Wednesday April 13th at 11:00,  Mobile Life organizes a seminar with Bo Dahlbom. The seminar is held in Knuth at SICS and lasts approximately one hour.

Title: The next big thing in IT

Abstract: Google, blogs, Skype, YouTube, Facebook, Cloud computing and iPhones are some big IT stuff from the 2000s first decade. What can we expect from the second decade? What trends can we see today? Is it possible to predict this stuff?

Bio: Bo Dahlbom is professor at the IT University of Gothenburg and Director of Research at Sustainable Innovation. He is a member of the Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences. His latest book is called Activate Your Brand (Liber 2010) and has its own site [ ]

About Robert Ramberg

PhD in Cognitive Psychology & Professor in Computer and Systems Sciences, Stockholm university. Research director Swedish Defence Research Agency, flight simulation and training.
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