Papers accepted for publication in the proceedings of Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS 2011), Detroit, USA, 4-7 August, 2011

The Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS 2011) that in this year will be held in Detroit, USA from 4-7 August, 2011 ( is a top ranked conference in Information Systems area according to The Australian Government’s Excellence in Research project (ERA):

In this year three papers written by the members of IT Management group were accepted for publication (two as papers and one as poster) in the proceedings of AMCIS 2011. The authors of the papers, the title and the abstract are included below.

The first paper is written by Edephonce Nfuka and Lazar Rusu, and is entitled: “Critical Success Factors Framework for Implementing Effective IT Governance in Public Sector Organizations in a Developing Country”.


Several frameworks for IT governance exist with various approaches like for example COBIT or ITIL. However neither of these frameworks has looked on implementing an effective IT governance from the point of view of Critical Success Factors (CSFs). Therefore in this paper, we have specifically addressed this gap by developing a framework of CSFs for implementing effective IT governance (CEITG) in public sector organizations in a developing country like Tanzania. This was achieved using four previous studies in this environment as a basis, together with interviews with 43 IT and business people from 25 public sector organizations, 6 industry/academic experts and finally through a case study in an organization in this environment during CEITG development and evaluation. The results of this research is a high level and holistic view framework based on CSFs and the activities in each IT governance focus area that should be considered by IT and business management personnel in the process of implementing effective IT governance in public sector organizations in Tanzania.

The second paper is written by Anayanci Lopez, Lazar Rusu and Paul Johannesson, and is entitled ”Construction of a Maturity Model for Analyzing Strategic IT Service Management”.


The paper presents the construction of a maturity model for analyzing the strategic IT service management (ITSM) process of internal IT service provider’s in early growth stages. This model is presented as an alternative tool for improving the understanding, from an IT service management perspective, of: (i) the strategic IT processes/practices in an IT organization, and (ii) facilitates the improvement task of such IT organization. The model construction is done by using a combination of best practices of IT service management and IT governance together with characteristics specific to the object under analysis, e.g. internal IT service providers, municipal governments standards. The model uses a wider scope for strategic ITSM which facilitates its applicability in IT organizations in early growth stages, giving a practical value to the model. Furthermore this model is designed to be used independently or as a complementary component of a method for analyzing IT service strategy presented in a previous study.

The third paper is written by Georg Hodosi and Lazar Rusu, and is entitled “A Risk Based View of Influential Factors in IT Outsourcing Relationship for Large Swedish Companies”.


Today IT Outsourcing (ITO) is well spread among the large Swedish companies and this trend will continue in the near years. Our focus in this research is a service buyer company who needs a well working relation with its ITO supplier for fixing: emergent issues, daily operation and changes that have not been foreseen. In the last years, an increasing attention has been paid to improving ITO relationship. In the review of the research literature we have not found any studies about Influential Factors (IFs) that could improve ITO relationship in large Swedish companies, nor about how risks factors are interrelated to the ITO relationship. Therefore this research has addressed this problem by providing the IFs that could improve ITO relationship in large Swedish companies and could help the service buyers companies’ to focus on these IFs. Additionally, we have developed a framework that could support the ITO decision makers in both mitigating the risks and the improvement of the ITO relationship.

About Lazar Rusu

I am professor at Department of Computer and Systems Sciences from Stockholm University where I am teaching and doing research in the area of IT Management and Governance.
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