Does anyone read this?

I was planning to report some usage statistics from the blogs that I have some information on — and — by the end of the month. But I might as well do it right now (I mean, why not?). The statistics are collected during May 2011 (i.e., the period 1/5 – 21/5).


  • No. of unique IPs (during coll. period): 686
  • Average page views per day: 601
The most popular blog post during the collection period is It was hit 97 times.

The most popular items on the site are the different feeds. That is, the most tenacious callers are the feed readers.


  • No. of unique IPs (during coll. period): 1010
  • Average page views per day: 1489

We don’t have a blog on The most popular page on the site is the Projects page. It was hit 79 times.

Many hits on DASH and SYSLAB come from crawlers (Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu, etc.) and different kinds of bots. About 65% appears to be hits from non-bots. Geographically Europe and North America dominate but traffic is coming from everywhere, really.

The number of ‘page views per day’ for SYSLAB is not correct (it should be lower). This is because some people still have feed readers pointing to the old Ning site. Unfortunately calls from those readers are counted on this site as well. This skew will be fixed eventually.

So, if you wonder whether anyone reads what you publish on these pages then rest assured. It is very likely that someone does. Several, in fact.

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