Welcome to the PhD dissertation defense

On Wednesday, June 15, Jeffy Mwakalinga is going to present his PhD research entitled “A Framework for Adaptive Information Security Systems – A Holistic Investigation”. The defense will take place between 13:00 and 15:00 in the lecture hall C, Forum building, Kista. Everyone is welcome to attend! Please find further information below.

Title: A Framework for Adaptive Information Security Systems – A Holistic Investigation
Respondent: Jeffy Mwakalinga
Opponent: Assoc. Prof. Helen Armstrong
Committee: Prof. Uno Fors, Stockholm University; Prof. Bengt Carlsson, Blekinge Institute of Technology; Assoc. Prof. Mathias Ekstedt, The Royal Institute of Technology; Rep: Prof. Emeritus Bengt Wangler, HS
Supervisors: Prof. Louise Yngström and Assoc. Prof. Stewart Kowalski

For more information, welcome to the Thesis Presentation Bot.

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