Papers accepted for presentation at the 2011 European Security Conference in Örebro

Seven papers have been presented at the 2011 European Security Conference in Örebro, Sweden, that took place on June 13th and 14th, 2011. The Conference is a European extension of the Annual Security Conference that has been held in Las Vegas (USA) for over a decade. The conference attracts a nice mix of participants from academia, government and industry. The theme of the 2011 event was identity and privacy management. The presented papers:

  1. Viola Kanule, Geoffrey Karokola, Jeffy Mwakalinga and Stewart Kowalski – Secure e-Government Adoption:A Case Study for Tanzania
  2. Margaretha Eriksson, Helena Granlund, Louise Yngström and Jonas Hallberg – On the Information Security Posture in an Government Agency – a Longitudinal Study 2008-2011
  3. Wätterstam Tove, Stewart Kowalski and Robert Hoffmann – A Case Study in Security Mental Models at Swedish Government Agency
  4. Bilal Al Sabbagh and Stewart Kowalski – A Comparison Study of information security cultures of IT workers and Social Network users in Saudi Arabia
  5. Ulrika Norman and Stewart Kowalski – Back to School: Integrate Information Security and IT ethics educations in to the Swedish School Systems: A Survey Study
  6. Rostyslav Barabanov, Stewart Kowalski and Louise Yngström – Information Security Metrics: Research Directions
  7. Chigozie Nwogu Nwogu and Stewart Kowalski – A case study of reusing an electronic voting system Protection Profile from Europe to an African country
Seclab Team in Örebro ESC2011

SEClab Team, Örebro ESC2011

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