Visit at QUT – August 2011

My annual visit to the BPM research group at QUT took place 1st -20th of August. During my stay at QUT, together with Marcello La Rosa and Arthur ter Hofstede (both from QUT), Jan Mendling (HU Berlin), Hajo Reijers and Wil van der Aalst (both from TuE), I worked on final revisions of our article “Managing Process Model Complexity via Abstract Syntax Modifications”, now accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics .

This article is a sequel to the article Managing Process Model Complexity via Concrete Syntax Modifications, which was published in the May 2011 issue of IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics .  

I closed my visit at QUT by attending the seminar The “Physics” of Notations: Toward a Scientific Basis for Constructing Visual Notations in Software Engineering given by Daniel Moody. During the seminar Daniel presented the results from his recent research. As we had already referred to these results in the publications mentioned above, it was a real pleasure to meeting Daniel in person and discussing with him the importance of graphical design for contemporary modeling languages.


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