Research visit at NICTA, Australia

I have been invited to NICTA, National Institute for Information and Communications Technology, Melbourne and Canberra, Australia to work on a collaborative project together with Dr. Hanna Suominen and Dr. David Martinez. We are working with clinical text mining of invasive fungal infections, together with a physician from the Alfred Health Hospital in Melbourne. This project is related to the NICTA research discipline of machine learning and funded by the NICTA business area of eHealth.

We started our collaboration by working in the NICTA Melbourne office for a week (Sept. 7th – 14th) – now we are based in the NICTA Canberra office the remaining time. I am very happy to have been given this wonderful opportunity and am very thankful to my colleagues here who are amazingly generous, welcoming and fantastic to work with!

Sumithra, Hanna and David having a coffee break
… trying to look serious …
Hanna and David working hard at the office


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