Global Center of Excellence Symposium Poster Session at Hokkaido University

The Global Center of Excellence Symposium poster session at Hokkaido University, Sapporo, was held October the 5th 2011. All researches from Hokkaido University that are part of this center showed their work.

The language media laboratory, that I am visiting, is a part of this center and had posters on various subjects. For instance computer assisted language learning, emotion recognition and, what is related to my research area,  natural language processing of informal language.

Michal Mazur is a PhD student at the language media laboratory. The poster is by him, Dr. Rafal Rzepka and Prof. Kenji Araki. The poster to the left is about NLP of informal language, by Eleanor Clark, also PhD student at the language media laboratory.

Dr. Jonas Sjöberg did of course have the best title of his poster: “Where are my socks?” – Real Life Search Using Wireless Technologies. It was about building a system that allows searching for objects through wireless technologies, both searching for smart objects that can reply themselves and other objects that can be tagged with, for instance, RFID tags.




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