A visit at the Department of medical informatics at Hokkaido University

I visited the Department of medical informatics at School of medicine, Hokkaido University in Sapporo, Japan. The topics of their research range from telemedicine to hospital management.

They also do research that is very close to what is done in the IT for Health group at DSV, that is research on natural language processing of clinical text. Their research is carried out on clinical text written in Japanese. Their current natural language processing project includes the development of a parser, specifically adapted to clinical text, as well as an annotation project where radiology reports are manually annotated for clinical entities such as diseases and body structures. Their work also include ontology developments, especially  ontologies for radiology.

I am very grateful to Dr. Ogasawara and Dr. Nishimoto for inviting me to attend their ontology seminars and giving me an opportunity to learn more about the research at their department, and to the whole of the ontology seminar group for giving me a very warm welcome to their university.

The ontology seminar group:


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