Research visit within the Interlock project at DBMI, UCSD

Sumithra is visiting Dr. Wendy Chapman and Danielle Mowery at the Division for Biomedical Informatics at UC San Diego during November within the Interlock-project.

Sumithra and Danielle have been working on a qualitative, comparative study on models and characterizations of uncertainties and negations in annotated clinical documentation in both English and Swedish electronic patient records.

On November 23, Sumithra gave a talk at the department, describing the IT for Health group at DSV as well as her research on certainty classification of Swedish clinical diagnostic statements.

The Interlock project will continue with further collaboration between the researchers in the respective groups, and during Sumithra’s visit several ideas for future experiments have emerged!

Some snacks before Sumithra's presentation

Dr. Wendy Chapman introducing Sumithra

Danielle, Sumithra and Wendy

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