Three papers to LREC 2012 in Istanbul

The Healthcare analytics and modeling group had three papers accepted to LREC 2012 in Istanbul and to the Third Workshop on Building and Evaluating Resources for Biomedical Text Mining (BioTxtM 2012) held in conjunction with LREC 2012.

The accepted papers are:
Pseudonymisation of personal names and other PHIs in an annotated clinical Swedish corpus by Alyaa Alfalahi, Sara Brissman and Hercules Dalianis.
Releasing a Swedish clinical corpus after removing all words – de-identification experiments with conditional random fields and random forests  by Hercules Dalianis and  Henrik Boström.
Rule-based Entity Recognition and Coverage of SNOMED CT in Swedish Clinical Text by Maria Skeppstedt, Mia Kvist and Hercules Dalianis.

Maria Skeppstedt, Hercules Dalianis and me are going to Istanbul to present the papers.

About Alyaa Alfalahi

Hi, My name is Alyaa Alfalahi. I have studied the masters degree ( in computer science at KTH. In the third and fourth year of my education, I have studied information and database technology at DSV. In my master thesis I worked with the annotated patient record, Stockholm EPR Corpus, and I created an algorithm to replace the real name with another real name , which is called pseudonymisation. Now I have been working as project engineer for a project (High-Performance Data Mining for Drug Effect Detection) of the Healtcare analytics and modeling research group. My task is to build up a journal database system from the raw data from Karolinska that is contained in Take Care health record system that will be used in this project. I also have been working as course assistant on web mining course.
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