Clinical NLP workshop, June 21st 2012

On June 21st, 2012, we organized a one-day Clinical NLP workshop here at DSV with participants from the Interlock and HEXAnord projects. We had visitors from the US, Australia, Norway, Lithunia, Gothenburg as well as some participants from DSV. The talks were about ongoing research on Clinical NLP in the different research groups. It was a very nice and successful day, thanks to all!

Workshop participants

Hanna Suominen’s presentation and participation over Skype

Mike Conway’s presentation

Danielle Mowery’s presentation

Brian Chapman’s presentation

Wendy Chapman’s presentation

Dimitrios Kokkinakis’ presentation

Maria Kvist’s presentation

Laura Slaughter and Øystein

Hans Moen’s presentation

Dinner cruise to Waxholm in the evening

A beautiful evening

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