IS-seminarie: Rebecka Forsberg talks about artistic technologies

Rebecca Forsberg talked about artistic technologies and what that is. She told us that many universities in the world has their own theatre, now Stockholm University has it own theatre through Kista teater. Rebecca continued by saying that the audience at theaters are becoming older and older and for reaching young people one has to involve modern technology as mobile phones and GPS and have theatre plays on distance. Moreover has theatre productions become more and more sophisticated with a lot of simulations in computers. This is what DSV can contribute to for producers since we have experience in gaming and game theory that could be adapted to the theater world. The plays that has been set up at Kista teater is focused around women and techniques to be prototypes for young women as Antigones dagbok, Ada Lovelace and Lise and Otto. Where I think Lise och Otto is exciting story. It is played in two different separate scenes simultaneously.

About Hercules

I am a professor working at DSV-Stockholm University, I perform research in natural language processing and information retrieval, the last ten years I have been working on text mining on electronic patient records to build useful tools to improve health. Hercules homepage
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