Coling 2012, Bombay, India, 9-14 December

The 24th International Conference on Computational Linguistics, Coling 2012  took place in Bombay (Mumbai) India, December 9-14. It is the largest computational linguistics conference in the world. At the conference were 600 participants from 60 countries. 1600 papers were submitted to the conference and 400 were accepted, that gives an acceptance rate of  25 percent.

Claudia Ehrentraut my master student from Uppsala University presented our paper: Detection of Hospital Acquired Infections in sparse and noisy Swedish patient records. A machine learning approach using Naïve Bayes, Support Vector Machines and C4.5, that was written by Claudia Ehrentraut, Hideyuki Tanushi, Hercules Dalianis and Jörg Tiedemann at the workshop Sixth Workshop on Analytics for Noisy Unstructured Text Data, AND 2012 that was held in conjunction with the conference.

We have written a short report from the conference, if you would like to have it please contact me.




About Hercules

I am a professor working at DSV-Stockholm University, I perform research in natural language processing and information retrieval, the last ten years I have been working on text mining on electronic patient records to build useful tools to improve health. Hercules homepage
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