Prof Sophia Ananiadou: Integrating and ranking the evidence from pathways to text

Invited speaker professor Sophia Ananiadou hold a talk with the title Integrating and ranking the evidence from pathways to text, on Friday 25. She described her system, for mapping events, genes, interactions described in natural language in biomedical literature into a formal structure that can be used for faceted information retrieval.

Professor Sophia Ananiadou is director of the National Centre for Text Mining (NaCTeM) at University of Manchester, U.K.  The talk was funded by Wenner-Gren stiftelsens Gästföreläsaranslag. The audience consisted of the Clinical text mining group and several students from the master course in Health Informatics.

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I am a professor working at DSV-Stockholm University, I perform research in natural language processing and information retrieval, the last ten years I have been working on text mining on electronic patient records to build useful tools to improve health. Hercules homepage
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