Louhi 2015 in Lisbon

DSV was well represented at the 6th edition of Louhi, the International Workshop on Health Text Mining and Information Analysis, which was co-located with the EMNLP conference (Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing) in Lisbon, Portugal. Four papers by DSV were presented at the workshop: “Adverse Drug Event classification of health records using dictionary based pre-processing and machine learning” by Stefanie Friedrich and Hercules Dalianis; “Creating a rule based system for text mining of Norwegian breast cancer pathology reports” by Rebecka Weegar and Hercules Dalianis; “Representing Clinical Notes for Adverse Drug Event Detection” by Aron Henriksson; and “Expanding a dictionary of marker words for uncertainty and negation using distributional semantics” by Alyaa Alfalahi, Maria Skeppstedt, Rickard Ahlbom, Roza Baskalayci, Aron Henriksson, Lars Asker, Carita Paradis and Andreas Kerren.

Some photos from the conference are shown below.


About Aron Henriksson

I am a PhD student at the Department of Computer and System Sciences at Stockholm University. Visit my homepage for more information.
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